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Will we definitely see wildlife?
The Isle of May is a fabulous nature reserve and home to an incredible array of wildlife including 46,000 breeding pairs of puffins, big colonies of Guillemots, Razorbills, Shags and Artic Terns. Whilst we cannot guarantee sightings, during our round the island and landing trips, you will see them (with a certain level of certainty) between April and Mid August. There is also a resident population 200 - 300 grey seals and a feeding area for gannets. Porpoise, Dolphin and the odd whale can also be seen; you just have to be lucky.

Is it safe for children?
The simple answer is yes, children of all ages love it. We carry children right down to the age of 3 and have lifejackets/waterproofs to fit them all. Our biggest concern for little ones is wind chill so please make sure that they are wrapped up.
What if I feel unwell or have a panic attack?
If you are at all concerned about sea sickness please be assured that it is unlikely that you will become unwell on our fast boats. If you are really unsure then we would recommend the Coastal Dash sailings. Then if you really feel unhappy we will quickly get you back to shore and drop you off. It is something that we understand and will not make a fuss.
I have a medical condition so can I sail?
We carry people with disabilities, pregnant ladies, injuries etc. etc etc. However you must let us know before boarding that you have a condition. This then will be related to the boat and the skipper may give advice. The sailing is always tailored to the "weakest" on board and hence it is important that the skipper knows of any condition.
Can we just turn up and expect to get on a trip?
Not normally. We get extremely busy and recommend that your book in advance. Do you sail in all weathers? Our boats are purpose built and designed to provide a safe and comfortable voyage in most weathers. However, if you are unsure please call our office. Ultimately the skipper has the final say as to weather a trip will run. If we have to cancel a trip we will try our best to accommodate you on another sailing or if that is not possible a full refund will be given. If you cancel a trip with less than 7 days notice refunds are entirely at our discretion.
What should we wear?
Please remember that all our boats are open. We provide waterproofs for your comfort. We always recommend passengers dress as if they were going into the hills with warm layers and waterproof coat, even on warm sunny days, as it is invariably cooler out at sea. On a calm day you will more than likely stay completely dry, however on a rough or windy day you may get wet.
Do you take dogs?
Unfortunately we do not allow any pets. The island does not allow animals, birds or insects of any type in its vicinity.
How can we pay?
All trips must be pre booked and prepaid preferably online however, you can book over the phone or in person at our booking kiosk. Cash (at our booking kiosk) Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are accepted.
Do you have toilet facilities?
The nearest toilets, are adjacent to the Harbour Masters Office approximately 100m from the departure point. Please ask our staff for directions. There are public toilets near the harbour at the Isle of May.
Is there any refreshment available?
Unfortunately there are no refreshment available on the boat. Those landing on the Island are welcome to purchase light refreshments on our sister companies vessel, May Princess. Picnics are very popular.




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