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We offer exceptional wildlife and nature boat tours aiming to give the best experience possible for our trips to the Isle of May, round the island or simply a fun trip up the coast. Our trips are enjoyed by people of all ages from children to our more experienced customers.

The Isle of May is an absolute treasure and owned by NatureScot (SNH). It is open for visitors from start of April till end of September. SNH have rangers who live on the island during this time whose aim is to make your visit more enjoyable and informative. They will greet you on the pier when you arrive, give a short talk including the latest goings on with the wildlife and patrol the island during your visit.

The island is home to an incredible array of wildlife, with up to 250,000 seabirds including 45,000 breeding pairs of puffins (The best time for Puffins is from April to mid-August). Big colonies of Guillemots, Razorbills and Shags crowd the spectacular see cliffs. The island is also home to over 200 grey seals and is a feeding area for gannets. Porpoise, Dolphin and the odd whale can also be seen; you just have to be lucky.

The Isle of May is steeped in history with the remains of a 6th & 12 century monasteries and 3 light houses including the oldest in Scotland.

Our trips are perfect for viewing/photographing the wildlife or just walking about and having a picnic. We are very flexible and adjust the tours to your needs to enhance your enjoyment and seek to ensure that you do not miss that perfect photograph. It should be noted that the May is a rugged island and some of the paths are steep and a good set of walking shoes are recommended.




Isle of May

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